About us

Who We Are

Nestchem Pharmaceuticals is an exciting new venture born out of a necessity to fill a glaring gap in the efficient distribution
of pharmaceutical products in the Nigerian market.

We are the Nigerian subsidiary of Ernest Chemist Limited, one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in Africa.

Our vision is to ensure widespread patient access to quality medicines at competitive prices.

Our Parent Company

Ernest Chemists Limited (ECL) is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Ghana, driven by the mission to provide a full range
of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. ECL is committed to improving healthcare delivery in Ghana and beyond by ensuring everyone is reached with quality and affordable medicine through its wide distribution network.

ECL is a wholly owned Ghanaian company limited by shares with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
ECL has made giant strides since its commencement in 1986.
ECL has grown over the years from a one sales outlet to a business entity with retail and wholesale shops (34 in number), warehouse facilities across Ghana and a manufacturing plant in Tema.

Our 5 Pillars

We do not turn back on our core values, they are the heart
of our organisation; the soul of ECL. Our visual identity
embodies our substance.



We believe in doing the
right thing. Adhering to
high integrity standards
to serve you better



We are focused on
producing and delivering
the best quality leading
edge products and services
that push performance


Customer Care Excellence

We are committed to
elivering excellent services
to our Customers for they are
the reason for our existence



We always make a conscientious
eort to exceed normal expectations
whilst operating within the scope
of our values



We seek to work
collaboratively to
achieve our goals


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